Ad space is valuable. Finding the most relevant ad content for a particular website is our key to maximizing publisher revenue. Our state of the art ad server not only hones in on the best ads for a given site, it also offers 100% control and flexibility to the publisher.

What you can expect from Underdog Media:

  1. One on one service

  2. Diverse advertiser base

  3. Competitive eCPM rates, on all campaigns

  4. Competitive fill rates

  5. Diverse mix of ad formats

  6. Campaigns for worldwide traffic

What you will also get from us:

  1. Real-time reporting

  2. Creative and rate control with full transparency

  3. Free ad server (SSP like capabilities) to manage in house campaigns and third party network tags

  4. Effective flagging capabilities

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Our Approach

Our unique “hourglass” approach to digital advertising is about Brand DR. Learn more...


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