Our Approach

How do you break through the noise?

The art of communicating with the consumer. It’s about how you speak to the consumer, and a key part of that is how the ad unit touches the individual. Large formats, interactive units, dynamic creative, rich media—these are all tools that can be effectively used to engage the consumer.

Formats with IMPACT!

Bigger is Better!

New IAB monster formats – Yes, bigger really IS better! New “Monster” format ads supported by the IAB deliver the goods when it comes to performance, demonstrated by higher click-through and conversion rates.

Network & Channel Takeovers

“Own” the UDM network for a day with a Network or Channel Takeover. Increase your Share of Voice.

Rich Media

Underdog Media has developed a suite of rich media ad units that are available for our clients’ use.

Expandable creative

Pack a punch in your message with UDM’s proprietary expandable format! Advertisers typically see conversion rates up to 10x over regular in-page formats with this unit. Better yet, the expandable can be created using standard IAB formats using 728x90 and 720x300 ad sizes and your Underdog team will assemble it for you at no additional cost.


Another high-impact format, Website Skins broadcast your message on both sides of a site’s content. This unit can be tailored as a sponsorship of a single site, or a limited run across a suite of sites.

Dynamic creative

You’ll hit your target audience with a bull’s-eye utilizing UDM’s remarketing technology, ROVER (Realtime Optimized Variable Remarketing).

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