Our Approach

How do you break through the noise?

Effectively delivering a marketing message is an art and a science. Where ads run, recency and frequency, what mood consumers are in based on the environment they are visiting - these are all key variables in delivering the right marketing message.


We can find your audience anywhere in the funnel, top to bottom, from brand awareness to high-level performance campaigns. By combining impactful formats with targeted environments, we can drive performance and efficiency.

Publisher Network

We work directly with thousands of brand safe websites, are integrated to all major supply side platforms, and utilize premium Exchanges to build reach and scale while maintaining performance criteria.


Underdog Media incorporates state of the art RTB integrations to enhance direct publisher and social site distribution opportunities.


Taking advantage of social media environments has become a pre-requisite to online display success. We leverage dozens of social media sites and applications to provide the means to message consumers in a unique environment. Underdog Media’s optimization technology teases out the right message to leverage online social interaction habits toward optimum response.

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